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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Kepada semua pelanggan tersayang, mar agak sibuk untuk upload semua code2 terbaru kami.
Sebenarnya kami di sini ada dua page yang anda boleh refer.
Page kami yang terbaru adalah seperti di link di bawah ni.
Anda semua dijemput untuk add Page Hols di facebook. Sekiranya kami terlewat untuk update di sini, semuanya ada di page kami di facebook.
Selamat membeli-belah!!/LadySephia

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to place your order?

You can click on the image for a clear view

You can click on the image for a clear view

Hope all of you will like it!

Hi everyone,

This is the step-by-step ordering process in Lady Sephia:

1) You choose which color and design you would like to purchase.

Make sure you compare the measurement provided for each items with your body measurement. Please let me know the code number.

2) You can make transaction either by using ATM Maybank Cash Deposit/ Maybank2U OR ATM CIMB Cash Deposit/ CIMBclicks. I will let you know my account number once you decided to confirm the order.

3) Payments to be made to my accounts within 2 days of confirmation. It will be back on sale after 2 days if no payment received.

4) Please ensure for every transaction you made, you must keep the receipt because I will need the TRANSACTION NUMBER for confirmation of payment that you have done. Please let me know once you have done the transaction so I can wrap your item fast!

5) Postage for West Malaysia for each item is RM: 6.00 and for East Malaysia (Sabah Sarawak) is RM10.00. For example: If the price of blouse BF01 is RM45.00, you need to add more RM6.00 and the total figure is RM51.00.

6) I will post your items on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

7) If you are interested to buy our clothes, do drop your order at the boxes above :

oh. please do not forget to open back your email that you gave me since i will reply back regarding your order through yourgiven email  :-)